Mossley Hill school admissions 

To assist those families who are hoping to be able to qualify for a place for their child in a Church school we have a schools admission process and register .

Ali Seddon manages this and is kept busy especially on Sundays trying to ensure that all attendances are recorded appropriately.

So it is really important to ensure that your child/children are registered on our schools admission register and that when booking in for our services on Eventbrite that each child is booked in by name.

Church schools have a very clear policy of attendance at church being their main criteria when considering applications. We do not set the criteria or have any influence over how this is managed by the schools.

Our part in this process is though to help you and to make sure we have a robust way to ensure we record your attendance. We will always do whatever we can to support you if your application is unsuccessful and you go to appeal.

Places for Church schools are over subscribed so it is important that you provide us with any additional information about your involvement in church that could help your application. This could be particularly helpful if you are being considered for one of the last available places and you have the same attendance as other applicants.

If you have a particular reason that may have impacted your  attendance then you should provide a covering letter explaining why. However supporting evidence may be needed as well.

If you have just started coming along to our church we are delighted that you have chosen us as your church and we welcome you. We look forward to getting to know you better and hope that you will feel able to get more involved with church life as time goes on.

Do get in touch if there is anything we can help you with or if you have any questions.