Mossley Hill Church treats accessibility as a priority and we have worked hard to try to make our Church and Hilltop Centre accessible to all.

Our car park has designated disabled bays and there is single level access from this car park to The Hilltop Centre which adjoins the church from which there is direct single level access through to church.

If necessary we also have a ramp available to access church directly.

Both our buildings have disabled toilets with baby changing facilities which are all level access.

Most of the church is on a single level and the church itself is a large open space with chairs rather than pews.

We are able to move chairs around if required to accommodate mobility vehicles/ wheelchairs.

For the hard of hearing, we have a sound amplification system that includes a loop system for those with hearing aids.

Large print service books are available if required for the visually impaired.

If you are planning a visit to our church and would like to ensure that there is a disabled car parking space available for you please contact  Kathryn our church administrator or 07544882529.