CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other) meets in the coffee bar area of the Hilltop Centre at church, Fridays at 10.00-11.30am during term times.

We ask for a donation of £1 per week per family and we provide tea, coffee, soft drinks, biscuits and sometimes a cake!

20% of our income is donated to the Children’s Society.

There is always a book corner, puzzle table, floor toys and a craft table which may be painting, gluing and sticking, often based on a seasonal theme.

We finish each session with songs, a story time and prayer.

We are always pleased to meet newcomers to the group and you will find a very warm welcome if you would like to join us one week.

This group has been running for approximately 30 years. It is a church-run community group for children from birth to primary school age. We offer a warm welcome, with crafts, songs and story time, drinks and cake/biscuits, and a chat to any parent or grandparent who may find them-selves looking after children on their own. We have a group of our own church Grandparents who either bring their grandchildren or come along with their family, and this is a great help, as they add a warmth and enthusiasm for each session.

We have always been blessed with families who have faithfully enjoyed our group and come back with each subsequent child.

We have a number of volunteers who faithfully help us by making and serving tea and refreshments and we are grateful for their commitment and time that they offer to help us each session.

Our songs and story time tends to include Jesus songs  and also chances for giving thanks; this has met with favourable comments from a number of the regular Mums. We do not apologise that we are a Christian group and that Christian teaching is a part of what we do.

We often have new families come to us and they are warmly welcomed by us and our lovely regulars; they hear about CAMEO in various ways including social media and through word of mouth. We encourage a very friendly, social atmosphere and make every effort to talk to and include all who come, particularly those who come on their own. We have been and continue to be blessed with lots of friendships, past and present, and we pray that we will continue to be a blessing to our community. We meet in the coffee bar area which is a lovely place to meet. It is bright and warm but also practical, the volunteers who make the refreshments are able to be there with us and this is a plus for all. Our store cupboards are easily accessible which makes, setting up and putting away at the end of the session

We continue to thank God that he has chosen us to do his work at Cameo.

Kacey Jones

Jan McLoughlin