Sunday Services

Our service pattern has changed!

We now have :

8.30am  Said Holy Communion ( 40 minute service)

9.30am Family Service with children’s groups (45 minute service)

11.00am Traditional Service with Holy Communion on 2nd and 4th Sundays and Service of the Word on 1st and 3rd Sundays.

If you are in our schools admission process and require your attendance recorded you will  need to book in with our church stewards each week.


From  the 3rd September 2023 the process of registering weekly church attendance for families who wish this to be recorded for the purpose of school applications will change slightly.

Reason for change:

  • Eventbriteare now starting to apply a fee to use their ticket service. 
  • Previously this has been free of charge. 
  • We have assessed the costs for us to continue using Eventbrite and feel that this will be unacceptable going forward.

New process:

  • There will no longer be a requirement to pre-book attendance via Eventbrite for the 9.30am service
  • Instead, you will simply give your child/children’s name/s each Sunday to the church stewards who will tick your attendance in on the weekly attendance paper register. 
  • If you are already regularly attending church, your name will be on the attendance register.

This register will be recorded by the stewards and a hard copy plus a photographed copy will be passed to the Attendance Record Keeper 

(currently Jo Riley). 

This weekly attendance register will then be manually added to a 

Master Register of Attendance each week.

  • If your child is attending either the 8:30am or 11:00am service you should continue to sign in as usual on the paper register you currently use. 

This will continue to then be recorded on the Master Register of Attendance each Sunday.

  • If you are a new family attending please add your details manually to the attendance register.

The Master Register of Attendance is already held in Excel format and separate from Eventbrite so moving away from this system will not affect any previous recorded attendance.


We collect your child’s full name, and date of birth for the purpose of recording attendance and school year. 

We collect parents name/s and emails addresses for the purpose of communicating only church related information. This information is never shared outside of church.