Revision of Electoral Roll

Important – Revision of the Electoral Roll

As part of the Church of England every 6 years the electoral roll has to be started from scratch with all members having to sign up again. It is more than a statistical clean up. It gives regular worshippers an opportunity to commit themselves to the mission of the church and to the worship here at Mossley Hill.

If you are over the age of 16 and you would like to included on the membership (electoral roll) of St Matthew and St James you can do so by completing an electoral roll application form, which can be found at the back of church.  Existing members will not be carried over – new forms need to be completed.

Should you require any assistance please speak to the Electoral Roll Officer – Alison Franklin or the Wardens – Yvonne Watson or Dawn Spiller.

The closing date is 1st April 2019 – after this the electoral roll will be closed until after the AGM on 24th April 2019.

Completed forms can be placed in the box at the back of church or returned for the attention of Alison Franklin to the Mossley Hill Team Ministry Team Office at 1 Greenhill Road, Liverpool L18 6JJ.