We now have an active Eco Church group who are looking at ways to ensure that we as a church behave responsibly for our environment.

This week (w/c 25th October) in the run up to CoP 26 they will be leading the Thought for the Day posted on our Church Whats App group.

We are hoping to turn our church green, just a small step at a time and we can all be involved. This week on TFTD we will hear what various members of the church community are thinking about, when it comes to developing the EcoChurch initiative, that we are embarking on.

From meditation to insulation, to how we travel and shop; loving God and his creation should impact everything in our church lives and indeed our daily lives.
As World Leaders prepare to meet at CoP 26 in Glasgow to deliberate on the future of our planet, we pray for them and also consider what choices we should all make.

We are encouraged that some of our church children are contributing to this and Caitlin starts the week off  with a reminder that small changes can make a big difference.