Marriage Preparation Course – A Space to Think


All couples who have registered to get married within the Team Ministry are invited to an informal and fun 4 hour course we call Space to Think, with the aim of supporting couples to take time out of wedding preparations to look at ways of strengthening and enriching their marriage relationship.

There are 2 courses per year which are held on a Saturday, in the All Hallows Parish Centre, one in March and one in May.

In each of the courses we cover the topics: Communication, Conflict, Commitment and Celebration through the use of a resource booklet, PowerPoint presentations, illustrative clips from TV programmes and material produced by Rob Parsons’ Care for the Family Organisation.

Space to Think couples enjoy time to discuss issues together. The day is kept informal and friendly and there is a delicious lunch served by the team when couples can chat together and swap notes.

The Space to Think Team consists of Brenda and Peter Cline (All Hallows), Guy and Julia Thomas (Mossley Hill) and Tim and Lis Hughes (St Anne’s, Aigburth). There is also input from the Team Rector Alan Kennedy on the specifically Christian perspective of marriage. Alan is able to provide answers to any couple’s individual concerns or questions about their special day in church.

We are all well aware that “The course of true love never did run smooth” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, W Shakespeare) but each time we meet with the couples in Space to Think we all learn so much about the course of our own true love.

Feedback has been very positive: one person commented that “I have most importantly realised that no marriage is perfect, but it is how you support each other and deal with your problems that make a great marriage”.

One couple said that they had found the course “useful and relaxed”. Another felt they had learned how they “could perhaps approach situations differently e.g. listening more and how to deal with conflict better”.

If you would like to know more about Space to Think then please contact Julia or Guy Thomas via the Team office.

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