Anyone who lives in the parish of Mossley Hill, or who attends services regularly, or has a qualifying connection- e.g. child’s parents married at the church , may apply for their child to be baptised, which is also known as Christening.

You can check whether you live in the parish.

If you are eligible contact our Team Administrator at the Team Office. The relevant details and contact information will be noted and passed to our Baptism Co-ordinator.

The co-ordinator will phone you to discuss dates. There are limited places each month for families so there is a possibility that you may not always get your preferred month. The co-ordinator will send you an introductory letter with confirmation of date, contact details and leaflets about baptism and godparents. 

Children need two godparents of same sex and one of opposite sex e.g. a boy needs two men and one women. Most families opt for two of each. We ask for no more than four godparents to be chosen. To be godparents, they must be christened and aged 16 and over.  Any christian denomination will suffice so people who are Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist etc are acceptable as godparents in Church of England baptisms.

Nearer the time of your baptism date, you will be invited to attend a meeting with the Team Rector, Revd Alan Kennedy, and the Baptism Co-ordinator. Here, the details of the service, plus any queries you may have, can be discussed

Baptisms are held  on the fourth Sunday in January, March, May, July, September and November at 12.30pm and the service is usually less than an hour. Families are then expected to come back to the church on the first sunday of the following month 10.15am service to be welcomed by the congregation. It is at this 2nd service that the certificate will be issued so attendance is necessary.